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Marijuana, weed, bud, grass. Simple as that.
-Is he ok?

-He's been drinking and smoking lala.

-Figured as much.
by Mark Connor January 16, 2009

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To post up is to chill somewhere. For example, someones home, a street, or any other location.
-Where you at?

-I'm just postin up at my crib.
by Mark Connor December 04, 2008

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To "pour whiskey" can mean a few things.

A: To pour a bottle of whiskey into a glass.

B. To fire bomb a large area during a military air raid.
-Hey, what's with not pouring whiskey with me yesterday?

-Oh, I wasn't sure if you wanted to fire bomb a city, or if you just wanted to get drunk.


by Mark Connor February 10, 2009

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To Shwoop a Newp is to ask for a cigarette, no more or less.

Though originally intended to be used only when asking for a Newport, any cigarette will do.

The term originates in South Jersey, and is used quite frequently in the Atlantic City area.
Person 1: Hey, gotta cigarette?

Person 2: Yeah, I just bought a pack of Newports.

Person 1: Lemme Shwoop A Newp?

Person 2: Sure, here ya go.
by Mark Connor May 14, 2009

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An overly popular book/movie that is the current trendy thing to read as of January of 2009. This book singularly threw the old concept of the mythical vampire out the window. Everything from mortal thralls, to the drinking of human blood has been thrown out for the central character in this "book". It also happens to be wildly popular with most juvenile girls. Fans of this book/movie tend to defend it with admirable loyalty, but their defense is usually half assed and not very well thought out or presented.
-Have you read Twilight? It's the best!

-No, I haven't, I refuse to dim myself down with that "romantic" drivel that's the current trend.

by Mark Connor January 16, 2009

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