lala: (adj) derived from the engilsh slang 'shalalala' and the feeling somone get when under emotional glee full of glee and happiness, usually associated with feeling of love
i feel lala when i hear a love song come on.
by mynameisalex October 20, 2006
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when a women refuses to do anything sexually besides hand jobs. she convinces herself that it is not slutty. when in reality, it is more slutty then lets say a blow job.

J Doe: Yeah, I just saw LaLa
Friend: Awwwww shit

J Doe: I asked to beat cheeks but she said she was on the rag, so she went straight LaLa
Friend: shit im hungry, for some LaLa
by Doug Seely June 27, 2006
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lala - Polish word for a doll. sounds good!
*Whose doll is it?
-it's my lala!!
by kkkwww November 24, 2011
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To Deficate, Poop, 'Take a Crap'
"You make me wanna La-La,
in the kitchen on the Floor
without my pants on
i can poop near the door
the poop gets everywhere
feels so good in my hair
you make me wanna
you make me wanna
by Huge Ashlee Simpson Fan February 19, 2005
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It's Muslim Swahili for "sleep."
Adam: "Lala salama, Naama."
Naama: "Yeah, good night to you, too."
by Nelly N March 02, 2007
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she hooked up with ludacris after moving to atlanta...they are not related
ludacris and lala are not related
by E Five December 13, 2004
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