A fake show. I live there, and I know the people on the show. Laguna isn't really like that. They just chose the richest, most pampered girl in the city and built the show around her.
The "Real" Laguna Beach would be Talan getting drunk at a party and peeing on my car... SoB.
by cascacheewa December 22, 2004
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Another reason to not watch MTV.
Pampered rich kids and their faux-drama in an obviously rehearsed "reality" show makes me want to vomit.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 5, 2004
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1. A rad town where crazed vegans wear the same pair of pants for nine months straight and give up showering; where water polo players are in the dance show and no one gives it a second thought; where I can see the ocean from my seat in chemistry; and where everyone seems to listen to Le Tigre and 50 Cent is a joke.
2. A show regurgitated by Mtv. They came to our school, took the 5 most photogenic people, gave them fake nicknames, and made them pretend they were really friends. Please don't judge my town by what Mtv tells you, it's actually pretty rad here.

(p.s. zraickenater, i know where you live...)
1. I go to Laguna Beach High School! I can play football and be in the musical and no one will beat me up!!

2. Let's watch Laguna Beach, the Real O.C. and watch LC go get sushi for half an hour!!! RIVETING.
by asetfahjnresrafdswes May 10, 2005
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A show on MTV that single-handedly ruined our generation.
person 1: did you see laguna beach last night!?

Person 2: No, I have a life

person 1: Oh, yeah, sorry i forgot, im so stupid and brain-washed from that show!

Person 2: You're a Dumbass!!!!!

Person 1: i know...
by MiSs MiCheLLe October 6, 2006
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The gayest most senceless piece of shit on "television" today
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #1: "Hey! How would you like to slit the throat and fuck the holes of millions of teens all over America!!?"
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #2:"I'd love to! But how can we pull that off again? It seems like we have done that so many times before, i can't see how today's youth will subject themselves to more of our dilapidated excrement we throw at them."
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #1:"Here is my idea. We take a group of the most dim-witted, egomaniacal teens, (who would probably hate us both) put them on the sunny beaches of california, and see what tom-foolery they can get into!"
~Starbucks pseudo-intellect MTV executive #2:"Brilliant! we can call it Laguna Beach!"
by sadmafioso611 September 8, 2005
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A place where upper class white people surf and monitor property values
Hey Denny, I simply dig those gouch Laguna Beach waves.
by Sean Gates March 10, 2003
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An addicting show that is designed to make the viewer intrigued and feel ugly. Opens the door to a surreal life of beautiful people, lanscape, and wealth.
For drama in Laguna Beach, just add water.
by KJords July 18, 2006
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