To cum all over a chicks giant pair of glasses.

(Previously known as The Jackie O)
by Duff Buffalo September 12, 2009
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the perfect example/ result of sending your daughter to a catholic school.
Hey Bro- Lady gaga's deprived on account of her catholic school upbringing thats why she takes her clothes off...
by travellerjd July 01, 2010
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A rip-off of Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. 1986.

Quote: "Dale's quirky voice, unusual, futuristic fashion sense and wild makeup and hair colors.

Also, recently, direct comparisons have been made between the hairstyles, makeup and outfits that Dale Bozzio wore when performing with Missing Persons in the 80s, and Lady GaGa’s style."
Wow - Is that Dale Bozzio singing?

2010 EMO - Nah, that's Lady GaGa just dressing up like her and ripping her off trying to be better...!
by Squash 'em July 06, 2010
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A weird fiendish like creature that stole Justin Bieber's ballsack but has the same talent. She creeps me right the fuck out. Very untalented and I still wonder how men find her balls to be attractive to them. He is the brother/sister to Smeagol but wants to take the nuts of every man she sees, a side note he will poke you in the eye if you try to please it.
1.Dude how can't you think Lady Gaga is hot.

2.Sorry I'm not into guys

1. Well then we can pleasure each other then

2 leaves the room and the friendship just ended
by ShNathan_2009 August 19, 2010
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1 An Individual who implies that they are original when in fact they are actaully not. Often times they can be found using ideas or concepts that were not orgianally found in mainstream meida. 2 Someone who believes they are a fashion icon, when they acutally are not. 3 An individual who dresses tacky, and is often considered a walking fashion disaster. See also, Poseur.
1 Your inspiration seems rather "Lady Gaga," don't you think? 2 She beleives she's a model, but she is infact only on parr with Lady Gaga. 3 Your dressed very "Lady Gaga" like today. I don't want to go out in public with you when your dressed like that.
by Serial Gaga January 15, 2011
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