Probably some of the coolest people on the planet. Always up for a laugh and extremely funny. Fairly sexy and pulls everyone. Some ping.
Fuck me is that Roisin”, “ye what a bird wouldn’t mind pinging her”
by Ebpt .xx January 14, 2018
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A truly amazing person. One of the best people you will ever meet. She is both loyal and caring. Everyone wants to be friends with Roisin as she is so kind. Roisins are not only kind and loving, but they are also some of the most prettiest girls on earth. If you find a Roisin, make sure to keep her.
OMG LUCKYYY you better keep her for life!!!
by January 19, 2022
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A gorgeous girl that has a fantastic sense of humor with beautiful eyes and amazing smile cheers you up no matter the problem
Roisin is amazing
by Fgh152647234 December 13, 2017
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Do you know Roisin?

ohh you mean the GOAT? yeah I do
by whatdoyoumeanpsedonym March 17, 2018
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The Roisin bird is an intresting thing, might be pretty on the outside but on the inside it is SUCH A BADDIE.It is a good chef when it comes to making pasta(weldone raisin).Roisin is also an amazing support when it come to tryimg to brake your finger to not have to go your trumpet lessons. Allthough it is a very funny thing ,ROIsin an be a bit of a bad bird, so make sure you donr kill her/him
ME:Roisin make me pasta

Roisin Bird: of corse amzaing (Y/N) it will be te best pasta ever
by pooboo8963 January 10, 2022
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Hey do you know Roisin?

Yes of course I have, she’s my girlfriend.
by Ryan;) March 8, 2022
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someone who goes but the name of Roisin and is pretty, outgoing, funny, crazy, doesn't say bye when she leaves parties, has tom delonge look a like after her, likes arron, thinks davey bloody sexy, loves CASSIE and is one groovy far out chick.
"Roisin is the Greatest"
by untitled May 6, 2004
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