To excrete milk from one's nipples
Stestes: Man it's freezing, i'mma lactate for 3 days.
Hondel: Thats sick!!!
Stestes:What you don't lactate? (Jokingly)
Hondel: Not for 3 days!
by Stestes May 3, 2003
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to excrete breastmilk. Lactation occurs in a postpardum woman after the birth of a child. Lactation continues until the child weans.
Breastmilk is not created in all women.
Only post-pardum women. While lactating, women do not ovulate, so lactation is also considered a method of birth control. However, it is not 100% reliable.
You cannot drink a woman's breastmilk unless she has recently had a child. And even so, she'd probably slap you if you tried. You wouldn't like it anyway.
A bunch of dumb virgins love to make their own sexual acts on UD, and a lot of them involved drinking "titty milk". However, if thse kids paid attention in school, they'd know that girls only lactate after the birth of a baby.
by lesharkattaque June 26, 2006
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A family of organic componds.
I made Ethel Lactate in the lab.
by ash314159 December 17, 2004
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To sweat around one's breasts, or just to sweat in general.
When someone has a dry t-shirt except for two wet spots right at the breasts.

i.e. Would you look at that, Tom is starting to lactate.

i.e. Jesus Christ it's hot out here, I'm lactating already.
by ILIR August 1, 2006
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(verb) to produce milk from mammary glands (breasts); the production of breastmilk caused by the release of the hormone oxytocin through either (1)the excess stimulation of the nipples by pumping (2) the labor of a pregnant woman or (3) the sucking of a baby. It can be achieved by a woman who has adopted a baby and has never breastfed before and who has never been pregnant before. The woman's breasts are naturally designed with mammary glands for lactation.
She began to lactate in her fifth month of pregnancy.
by breastfeeding mother February 11, 2009
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