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A reality show on Bravo produced by german lingerie model Heidi Klum.
The show starts off with 16 aspiring designers. Each episode they are given challenges. With minimal time to design and assemble a garment, thye must then fit their pieces to their assigned model and participate in a weekly runway show. The designer with the worst outfit/lowest score is "auf'd".
The final 3 contestants present at Olympus Fasion Week.
There is almost always drama, usually a designer being a douche to the rest, or a designer having a meltdown.
Many contestants are openly homosexual men.
Pretty much one of the best shows currently on TV.
"Dude, did you catch Project Runway last night?"
"Diva, what the hell was with Vincent's design?"
"That poor model. That was the fuglyiest hat i've ever seen."
"Heidi looks really pregant"
"yeah man."
"let's go watch"
by lesharkattaque July 17, 2006
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A pro-women organization founded in the 60's.
Contrary to popular belief, Planned Parenthood offers services such as breast-cancer screenings, STD screenings, general gynecology appointments, pregnancy testing, genetic counseling, and rape counseling.
So in reality, "pro-lifers" who picket outside of PP clinics shoving propaganda into the hands of many and yelling "you're going to hell" are often preaching to girls who are getting a mammogram, not an abortion.
PP writes referals to abortion clinics, and this is only done after ALL other options are discussed with the patient.
Most clinics do not administer abortions, but rather refer the patient to a safe clinic.
They make medical services cheap and affordable to women in need.
In philidelphia a Planned Parenthood clinic was having a problem with 'pro-life' groups harassing patients. They ran a program called Pledge-a-picket in which people would pledge an amount of money for every protester that month. All proceeds benefitted planned parenthood. When "pro-life"rs found this out, they left.
by lesharkattaque June 22, 2006
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Girls, usually ages 11-19, who spend most of their time and money baking it up at the local tan salons. Usually blondes who fry their skin until they could pass for native americans or even African Americans. However, the bleach blonde hair looks horribly unnatural with their new skin-tone.
Will get skin-cancer before they can legally drink.
Ironically, most don't really care.
"Dude, whatever happened to your exgirlfriend Sally. She was hot"
"Nah dude, she turned into a tan junkie"
"Shame. She was bangin'. Now she's just a stereotypical yuppie"
by lesharkattaque June 25, 2006
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Not a petname for Anorexia. A cutesey name for self-induced starvation. Most often used by girls on xanga and myspace who don't really have an eating disorder but like to pretend. It's girls who want to shed a few pounds, who post how many calories they consumed that day and how many sit ups they did in order to try asnd prove they are anorexic. Real anorexics struggle with the disease and aren't ust trying to lose a few pounds. Real anorexics aren't proud.
Ana girls think that starvation is beautiful, glamourous, a lifestyle. They're annoying, bitchy, and an insult to any girl who has really struggled with anorexia nervosa.
"Ana" is a friend who "consumes" them who makes them skinny.
Friends with mia girls.
Role Models are the olsen twins and Nicole Richie
a typical ana blog:
xBones R Beauty

Hey Anas. Today was SUCH a binge day.
B: hot water with lemon- negative 50 calories
L: Cold Pizza - 0 calories (cuz its cold.)
D: nothing.

I made myself throw up 6 times. My mom saw and now i'm going to rehab. Ew..FAT!
Total calories- negative 50
I need to go exercise.
AnaIsMyEnemyAndFriend: Hey baby! Love the hipbones! UGhh. Parents are such nazis. 6 purges isn't bad. Try to make it ten a day. ANA LOVE < 3

StarvingAnaGirlxxx: I know you can do it! negative fifty is stil a little high. try making it negative 200 and exercising for 2 hours. Ana&Mia Love <3
by lesharkattaque June 25, 2006
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to excrete breastmilk. Lactation occurs in a postpardum woman after the birth of a child. Lactation continues until the child weans.
Breastmilk is not created in all women.
Only post-pardum women. While lactating, women do not ovulate, so lactation is also considered a method of birth control. However, it is not 100% reliable.
You cannot drink a woman's breastmilk unless she has recently had a child. And even so, she'd probably slap you if you tried. You wouldn't like it anyway.
A bunch of dumb virgins love to make their own sexual acts on UD, and a lot of them involved drinking "titty milk". However, if thse kids paid attention in school, they'd know that girls only lactate after the birth of a baby.
by lesharkattaque June 26, 2006
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Stereotypical term for yuppie mall-rat sun-worshipping indoor tanning teen girls. Bleach blonde hair, dangerously skinny, protruding hipbones, way too much makeup. Look as though they'd fall over if you touched them.
95% of all white surburbian girls.
"What do you think of that girl Sally?"
"Can you say tanarexic? She looks frightening. And disgusting."
by lesharkattaque June 25, 2006
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