The most prettiest girl ever she is so kind and has a great personality she is also very sensitive with her feelings she falls in love easy and doesn’t stop loving that person she is a great bestfriend, girlfriend and treats everyone great but can also be bitchy at times and get mad easily she is usually called hot, pretty , gorgeous or beautiful by the opposite sex
OOOh she fine asf, must be a Laci
by yee mister supreme June 14, 2019
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She’s the most gorgeous being in a particular room, yet she’s so unaware of how stunning she really is. She’s loyal AF and deffinetely doesn’t cheat or backstab, people may ask her out but she’s most likely to say no unless it’s the guy she’s waiting on!
She has an amazing ability to care for others around her and love more than anyone would think is possible, she’s an amazing girl and you should be glad to be friends / more than friends with her!
Boy 1 - Have you seen that girl Laci?
Boy 2 - Hell yeah she’s fit asf!
by ScoobyDoobyDooWereComingAfterU February 24, 2019
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Laci is a shy small bean but once you get to know her she is a crazy but loveable person. All of her friends do see that she can be whiney and a little bitch if you piss her off but when she is happy and smiling you can't help but smile too. She is quiet a phyco tho, wanting to run off and scare all of her friends when possible. She is also soft and gentle when she sees her friends hurt or sad. She takes notes on what makes them happy so she knows how to make them smile. She is quite a good flirt when you get to be with her (good luck) and she loves her boy toy. Even tho she is small she can pack a punch if needed also using her teeth if wanting to make them bleed. All in all tho she is super nice but scary and the most interesting girl you will ever meet.
Hey man have you seen that laci girl? She is a little scary

I do also think that but she is also very friendly if you become her friend
by Femox the emo February 19, 2019
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Laci is probably the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. She has such a huge personality and has this great sense of humor. She is very goofy and weird but in a good way and always knows when it’s time to be serious. She is always supportive of your choices no matter what she may think. Lastly she is very serious about her sleep! She sleeps anytime possible
Eden: damnnnnnn have you head about laci?
Kyle:Yeah dude she’s hot and has the most amazing personality
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Laci is the most sweet girl you will meet. She might me emotional but trust me keep her as a friend she will never hurt you.
“Laci is sooo nice a sweet I’m gonna keep her as a friend
by Amour.layy May 24, 2019
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if you name is Laci your usually insecure about your body shape, weight and face. But on the inside you nice and caring but all people see is an asshole. She also likes turtles and Koalas
Eric: hey Ron do you know Laci?
Ron: yeah she's an asshole
by The one person 229 October 16, 2019
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A girl who acts like a slut but, deep inside she really wants to be with you . she is funny and the sex is amazing.
She acts like a bitch but that is just her personality.She loves to smoke weed and get drunk. she is funny and loving and every day she wants you french kiss her every day.
OMG you are so lucky your dating a Laci
by k1nGG<3 November 15, 2019
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