Having a "Lot To Learn". If someone says something that's funny, simply because they have no clue what they're talking about, you substitute LTL for the typically placed lol...
Brendan: You know why Chinese people are so short?
Adam: No, why?
Brendan: Because of the radiation from when we bombed them after Pearl Harbor.
Adam: LTL about Japan Brendan... LTL about Japan...
by TheAlexHodge January 28, 2011
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Living The Life
Live The Life
*commonly used as a hashtag
*walking around in LA, using life as your runway*
"This is LTL"
by WOAHWOAH July 26, 2012
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well, this is a shortning for Learn to listen. i heard it on Wow some time ago,
i saw a guy say to his healer in Wow- Deadmines: wtf, u noob ltl!
by Wacram Glaziuz August 06, 2006
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Abbreviation for "Left Turn Loser". A Left Turn Loser is a driver who makes a left turn without a left turn lane, thus needlessly blocking the left lane (or, in some cases, the only lane) of traffic.
I need to get to work on time, but this L.T.L. is ruining me!
by Matt January 16, 2005
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