when something does not go the way you would have hoped or liked.

when you are having a bad day.

when something bad happens to you.
Crap!! I just failed my final, fuck my life.

Holy shit, Im getting fat, fuck my life.

Fuck my life, I forgot to do my assignment, motherfucker.

by Cyncyn123 January 9, 2009
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When you understand your life is fucked. Often triggered by things like: school, crushes, jobs, food, life............
Person 1: We have school tomorrow

me: fuck my life.
by bloutnik February 13, 2017
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A common phrase used by many unfortunate people. This phrase gained popularity from the epic movie Superbad (fat mexican who hates life). It is a common phrase used by 4 members of the 3rd Floor Whores RB, SC, AB, and FA. It is used when a person is under heavy stress or pressure, or just walked out of a brutal exam/test or just did something really retarded and regrets it.
FA: Don't worry, we won't lose late marks for this assignment.
RB: Okay we better not.
FA: My bad, we lost 20% off our mark...
RB: Fuck my life.

SC: What the fuck was that? (regarding chemistry exam)
AB: I guessed on half the questions, fuck my life.
by SwiftRich March 18, 2008
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When something or or several unlucky things happen to you and you just hate it. If you don't want to take shit from your life anymore, you say "fuck my life."
Tom just found out that he owes a lot of money to companies. On top of that, he has a huge deadline soon that he knows he can't make. Also, his girlfriend is really getting on his nerves lately. Tom is fed up with the shit that his life and luck has shat on him, so Tom said "Fuck my life."
by Wolves At My Door July 1, 2013
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A phrase commonly used by those who are distressed, under significant pressure, or greatly depressed about something.
I completely failed that final, and it was worth like 200 points! Ahh fuck my life.

Bobby will never like me because I'm not popular. oh, fuck my life. :(

I hella wanna go to that concert but it's completely sold out. fuck my life.
by piccolio September 27, 2007
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A term used by someone to display exclamation at their own or someone else's misfortune. Also abbreviated as FML.
- In the morning after a sleepover -

1st Guy: *Wakes up with sheets stuck to his face*

2nd Guy: Mate I just had the greatest wank ever.

1st Guy: Fuck My Life.

by Aviate March 20, 2009
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a term that is used to express that something has gone wrong and ruined your plans., but used in small situations that really affect nothing important.
"awww man, I bought the wrong gum, fuck my life."

by look_im_a_skater April 8, 2009
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