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Defining the singular person in your life who is a combination of both soul mate and lover.
Level above boyfriend girlfriend falling just short of engagement or marriage.
When we get our finances in order I intend to marry my lovemate.
by TONGUEJOY March 23, 2013
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An adult novelty toy also known as sex toy.
I just bought an oral vibrator called TONGUEJOY, that's the best sex toy I've ever tried! Talk about JOYTOY!
by TONGUEJOY May 31, 2013
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A patented vibrating barbell, an oral vibrator, Lix for pierced tongues has powerful vibrations that will send your partner through the roof!
It also has a version for non pierced tongues.
•Surgical Steel
•Powerful Vibrating Motor
•The Original
I had my tongue pierced and bought a glow in the dark Lix to wear to the club! It was really hip and looked so cool in all my photos!
I bought it online!
by TONGUEJOY May 31, 2013
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A micro vibrator for oral sex. Invented right here in the USA this micro massager is made for oral sex. It attaches to the tongue either with a barbell if your tongue is pierced or a comfortable band. It also has other sized bands for your finger and penis. It has batteries so this can last a long time unlike other adult toy products that are for a one time use. Innovative. It is the only adult toy that holds all Patents for Oral vibrations! Creative and super cool! www.tonguejoy.com
To spice up our love life my partner and I are playing with tonguejoy these days...
by TONGUEJOY May 09, 2013
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A male transforming into a top of the line, high end transvestite and or transsexual.
Tom used his inheritance to Caitlynized himself....she looks fabulous!!!
by TONGUEJOY June 08, 2015
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Turning oneself into a high end transvestite or transsexual. Most expensive surgery, stylists, hair & makeup.
Did you see Shaun? He came into a lot of money and Caitlyned himself out! She's now Shauna and moved to Beverly Hills!
by TONGUEJOY June 08, 2015
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The toxic behavior associated with divorce, prior to and in the aftermath of the actual divorce. Accumulation of negative feelings and the hatred associated with former spouse.
His withholding of childsupport is just another example of his divorce-venum.
by TONGUEJOY March 23, 2013
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