(L.I.L.F.) Lamp I'd like to fuck, a moth's favorite thing to get off to.
(Moth): Oh that's a really hot LILF.
by hornyjew2 September 30, 2018
LILF is a female librarian of not above 40, with sizable breasts that causes a reaction of arousal in thine pants.
by praetorian1988 November 23, 2010
"Woof. That's one sweet ass LILF. Woof bark."
by Kiyel May 29, 2007
lecturer i'd like to F***

Commonly used by university students who've dropped their standards and have a fetish for tweed jackets. Should not be confused with the Teacher antonym.
Mez: 'OMG what a LILF was he?!'
S: 'you're desperate.'
by Stan40101 February 7, 2011
Acronym for "lukiolainen I'd like to fuck".

Used in Finnish upper secondary schools do describe a hot female student.

"Lukiolainen" means sixth former in Finnish.
"Wow, what a LILF!"
"I would surely love to date that LILF!"
"Did you hear that Maria was voted the LILF of the year?"
by L I L F December 18, 2009
Although Debbie appeared to be aging, I wasn't sure if she had grandkids or not. I referred to her as LILF at a funeral, and she slept with me for making her feel young again. Have class and get old ass
by CougarHunter7488 November 12, 2017