Information Master
One to be worshiped
Librarians wield unfathomable power, bring order to chaos, wisdom and culture to the masses, preserve every aspect of human knowledge and rule the information universe.
by BeckyIB February 4, 2004
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Librarians are very misunderstood.Most people believe that librarians:
1)are always under a pile of books
2)don't have any connect to the real world
3)are bitter and sarcastic
4)don't have a life
5)own a lot of cats
6)are ugly
7)are full of useless information
8)like to show off their intellectuality

Well guess what,there are some who're like that,but the majority kicks ass.Librarians are the coolest human beings you can find.
WIT :A smart person's weapon against ignorance
LIBRARIAN:A person fighting ignorance with knowledge
by Luna De Margarita's Sister February 8, 2010
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A girl who looks who looks hot AF in glasses
Bill: "yo you see that girl a row back wearing the glasses"

John: "I know she's a total librarian"

Bill: "dude"
by John Hendrix January 18, 2017
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Code word for Lesbians when you want to talk about them but do not want them to know you are talking about them.
Wow, there are a lot of librarians in this bar.

I heard your sister is hanging with the librarians now.
by coltrane3456 October 8, 2009
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a librarian is a weird usually older(middle aged) lonely woman. they have weird quirks and often don't know how to interact with children and normal people. they become librarians because they don't fit into the real world. they are ugly and wear hideous clothes. you can often find that they are obese or chubby. they usually live alone in a lonely little apartment in the suburbs with seven cats and don't answer the door to little trick or treaters or girl scouts. they will yell at you for the stupidest shit. they think theyre making the world better by being librarians but everyone really hates them because theyre mean and EVIL!
that bitch librarian just yelled at me for whispering
by lizzy 2992 November 2, 2005
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Dorothy was neither a Republican or a Democrat. She was a member of the Libertarian Party and identified herself as a Librarian.
by Sassy Arkansassy February 1, 2009
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Criminally underrated horror youtuber. Need I say more?
It's ashame how The Librarian's videos barely average past 100k views.
by Yöur pseudonym November 5, 2022
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