"We be smokin dat tweed till we fall in the grave." -Bone Thugs N Harmony
by Nicole April 5, 2004
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Someone or something that is as or more annoying as a new wool sweater or cloth when worn against bare skin.
"Gosh, he just won't shut up! He's such a tweed!"
by steele_is_more_cool_than_you November 3, 2008
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Marijuana bud smoked to achieve an altered mental state, Shortened name of TumbleWeed
"Pass the tweed bee-arch, This niggah be hanging fo his fix oh the gooood she-art"
by Dr Nizzle April 28, 2003
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tweed is an acronym (T.W.E.E.D.) that means "the weed everyone enjoys daily."
It really explains itself
by Binomial Nomenclature June 10, 2005
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stupid, annoying, totally obnoxious person who has little or no personality.
Oh god, Jake is such a tweed, every time he talks to me i want to run the other direction. I hate him.
by Becca the Rainbow July 11, 2008
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a more subtle way of saying weed
Do you know if anyone has any tweed
by --=-=-=-=- June 8, 2007
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A mixed drink containing 1 part orange juice, one part cranberry juice, one part lemonade, and as much vodka as you would like to add.

Invented in 2004 by Kebs in Alex, VA
Man that Tweed got me hammered!
by Kebs May 25, 2004
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