A pioneer underground producer/rapper from Compton, California.
Did you see L Double A on MTV last night?
by Duckey Hood July 3, 2006
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A crazy group of four teenagers that have nothing better to do than hang around in an art room after school drawing random shit and crazy fantasy puke on the board then signing it "L double M J" and ditching.
"Dude, this morning I found the whiteboard covered with mutated Pokemon, ducks, and random messages hidden behind student's artwork."

"Any idea who did it?"

"Yeah, L double M J... whoever that is."
by LdoubleMJ's M February 3, 2009
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leeds, used commonly by chavs to determine their place of origin commonly followed by 'WOT WOT' just for extra brapping. Used with the gunz for effect.

Originates from the DJ Q and MC Bonez tunez. "You Wot!?" and "Get Mad"
John: Where you from?

Mr. Chavvy: L DOUBLE E D S WOT WOT!!

John: Oh...
by zh255050561 July 23, 2009
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Pseudonym for an incompetent colleague initialed as L.L. The colleague often adorns himself in spandex, departs the workplace at 4:00 p.m. after arriving at 11:00 a.m., and incessantly complains about being overworked whilst shirking his duties to self-stimulate.
1. Do you take the over or under that the Double-L will show up before 10:30?
2. The WWE Superstahhhhhhrrrrrr Double-L called in "sick" again. He probably had a late night fondling his man-wang.
by fu_db April 7, 2009
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LLES = Lower Lower East Side -- the area in Manhattan below Delancy and east of Bowery that is a mish mash of Chinese, Hasidic Jews, Project people and creeping hipsters
Visitor: "That Grand Street stop smells like garbage."

Resident: "You learn to love it when you live in the double-L...it smells like home."
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Crunchy-O’s name for LidLock
How’s it going Double-L buddy I didn’t see you.
by LidLockTV April 25, 2023
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1.) A depressed lesbian who gets endorphins by doing things that other people might see as stupid. She might think of herself as a loser or make stupid decisions like spending all of her money on unessential things impulsively.

2.) Lesbian Loser (LL).
Roommate 1: "Hey, do you have your half of the rent this month?"

Roommate 2: "No I forgot that rent was coming up this month. I already spent my whole paycheck on BTS concert tickets."

Roommate 1: " You what!?"

Roommate 2: "I'm sorry. You know I'm a Double L. I'd give Jimin my last penny if I could."

Roommate 1: "............................"
by girlintheworld February 21, 2022
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