A crazy mixture of things, colloquial or informal for a disaster.
'Well, that was a bit of a mish mash.'
by Schudulaba September 2, 2006
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Finger blasting an unfamiliar female while standing in an erect, upright and vertical position, most commonly executed in a non-private setting with nefarious intent. Also, usually administered while said female remains fully clothed. This move is effective on all women, as no victim has ever been unsatisfied.
1.) Commish got mish-faced at the club last night and struck again. He met some nuss, does-ed work, undid her buttonfly, and gave her the ole mish mash on the dance floor.

2.) I was walking down the street last night and I saw Mish Mash giving some nuss the ole mish-mash in an alcove on the corner. Mish is wise beyond his years, I could never pull that off!
by RBPL May 19, 2008
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a word inspired by the term jibber-jabber. a term that can replace the word(s) crap, junk, shit, stuff, ect.
"I don't know why i'm getting all your mish-mash in my spot."
by Jimmy Dallas April 30, 2006
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Mish Mash Music Entertainment combines music and creativity in a structured and oragainized label, pathing opportunity to all forms of and styles of music. Creating a all new way to showcase talent through the mixtape world, spade has created "Mash Mixes" combining local talent with industry music. The vision of Mish Mash Music ent is to network with various local and industry artist, production companies, distributors, and music management on all levels. Mish Mash Music ent primary power is promotions on all levels; Mass internet promotions, street level promotions, as well as networking and nightlife promotions. Mish Mash Music ent very foundations is to monopolize on these goals while connceting to a wide variety of audiences across the state and nationwide. Whether an artist manager or model, Mish Mash Music welcomes every and all opportunities, as well as giving you a chance to shine.
Mish Mash Music entertainment
by Spade757 December 26, 2009
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pass me the mish mash mosh mate, my end is falling off!
by Duvessa May 31, 2008
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a guy that is GAY and wants to KILL and DO DRUGS and ACT WILDLY and INFRINGE COPYRIGHTs
by boogerboy September 2, 2003
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wsogmm, the sum of ways of looking at all the universes. Everything, if it exists, it is part if it. if it doesn't exist, it is part of it.
we live in the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash.
by annon. February 9, 2004
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