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Kyrsten is a girl who is very intelligent and knows how to talk to people. She has a lot of talent in the language department. She also loves to be with the one she loves most She is always super easy to talk to and has a great imagination. When she talks, it sounds like a masterpiece is being written.

She is also a very good actor. Sometimes this is bad because she can cover up many emotions she might have. But this is also a great tool of hers. She can really show other people how she feels in different ways. This Kyrsten is so unique and gifted that everyone loves her. She has so many friends and is nice to every single one of them. And when she really loves something, she always is patient and goes out to get it, no matter what gets in her way.
"Hey, do you remember who that girl who told that story last night?"
"Ya! She was such a great speaker! I think her name was Kyrsten."
by Hamneggs1234 November 02, 2012
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the best looking most sexiest person in the world.
the spelling of "kyrsten" is so much hotter than the spelling of "kirsten" "kyrsten is just a much sexier name.

and everyone wants a piece of her:
guy 1-yo did you see kyrsten today?
guy 2- yeah she's miggghty fiiiine!
guy 1- totally i get hard just by hearing her name!
by woofwoofyumyum January 28, 2009
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The best girlfriend in the world very thic and always down for sex always a big ass and tits and has a good tasting pussy.
Hey kyrsten

Hi, let’s go in the bedroom and fuk

Ok bay
by Hfcbg July 17, 2018
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the girl who loves shoving spaghetti up her ass in front of her windows... omg
"omg did u hear about kyrsten"
"ya bro, never eating spaghetti again"
"ya man she fucked that spaghet real good"
by beyoncesblackface June 12, 2018
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