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Kyndall is a very funny and a very admirable girl who is known to win Agurments and she is very smart and intelligent she is somewhat caring but she will laugh in inappropriate times. Besides that she is known to use very big words and is very worldwide she is a friend you would want to hold on to
Kyndall is very funny ig idk
by Cupcakesandrainbows12345 May 20, 2018
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Possibly the most beautiful, perfect woman ever. If she spells her name "Kyndall" instead of "Kendall" she stands out from the rest. She probably has crystal blue eyes and her hair color changes weekly, but that's ok because she looks good blond or brunette. If you find her, don't let her get away because you won't ever find another like her.
Wow. She's so beautiful! Her name is probably Kyndall. She probably spells it with a "Y" instead of an "E" too. I wish I was her.
by The_World's_Greatest May 14, 2013
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Kyndall is an amazing friend that will always be their for you. She is very funny and smart. Is a very noble and kind spirited person. Has blue eyes and dirty blondish hair. Lovess everything about the beach. Overall great person and best friend
June 29th is my Best Freind Kyndall’s Birthday!
by Naked Zebra June 14, 2018
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A girl who can be very pretty, but uses it to an advantage. She is popular because she tries to be awkward. It normally works. Can be brunette, but most likely has blonde hair and blue eyes. Never an only child. Friends names are somewhat Kate, Ann, Laurie, Parker, Lucas, or Katelyn. She can be very loyal, but can get confused on who her real friends are.
by Kyliecolette April 27, 2013
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Kyndall is a known sexypants. Kyndall is sweet and sexy. She will always make you smile. Watch out. She is WIFE MATERIAL. If you date her you will never date anyone else ever again because she is the best. Feed her salted caramel and win her heart. She sucks dick like a vacuum.
Dayum, you see his wife? She's a total Kyndall.
by bigbootywitches" June 06, 2017
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Kyndall is a very sweet and kind girl. She is one of a kind. Most kyndalls have blonde hair and blue eyes. Many Kyndalls will go for hispanics.
by Kmoore December 11, 2014
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A beautiful person inside and out. You don't even have to know everything about her to know she's a great person. Kyndall is the type of person who is nice to everyone. She will most likely have blonde hair and blue eyes. Kyndall is defiantly a friend you want to hold onto!
"Look at that pretty girl over there" "Oh wait that's Kyndall"
by chicks wingz September 03, 2016
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