Kyle isn't a typical "roadman" he is but he puts his own twist on it, for example he doesn't tell everyone that he's a shotta (someone who sells drugs) or that he always gets in fights or that he knows gangs, Kyle simply does his own thing, he always wears tracksuits but not the typical "All Stone Island" attire but sticks the the original Nike, Adidas, Armarni, Hugo Boss, etc... Kyle doesn't go looking for trouble but if trouble comes looking for him he doesn't then respond with empty threats informing his opposer that he will have "50 man at your door" but deal with the individual himself. Generally Kyle is a man that looks quite scary but is approachable and a fair and is one of the "Mandem" not to be confused with one of the "lads" who just to be clear are a bunch of "wastemans" who all wear fake Gucci caps and belts and ususally adopt the highchairs at Mcdonalds.
"Yo Kyleis that you yeah?"

"Yes g what you sayin bro"

"Raaaa my guy link me soon yeah"

"Yhyh bless g"
by Roadman central April 17, 2017
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Huge wiener and had a wood chip smelling nut sack
Casey wish's his wiener was as big as Kyle's
by Dndsld March 19, 2014
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A very kind boy that you just can't help but love. He'll always be there for you and he'll be the shoulder you need when you cry. He'll randomly text you during the day to just check up on you. He'll spam you with love if he knows you're feeling down. He has this odd superpower that if you're feeling down he'll sense it and he'll tell you everything he loves about you. You won't realize it until you know him for a while but you love him. Care for him. A Kyle is really the best person you'll ever meet. If you meet one don't ever let him go.
Person 1: I heard you were feeling pretty down yesterday
Person 2: Yea. Thankfully Kyle was there. He made me feel so much better.
by SqueakerOoof June 14, 2018
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Boys named Kyle instinctively have a something different about them. Gentlemanly, smooth, caring and WEIRD.

Some call them quirks, others call him weird, but it's all these things that make him special and irreplaceable.

Kyle will be the most loyal person you EVER meet. Without question, he can devote himself completely to someone, and the person will be treated with the highest priority in his life.

Kyle is a daredevil. It is said, that Kyles are to be baptised in Redbull. The only earthly substance that can match their boldness and their power.

Kyles are usually loud and can be thought of as annoying. But deep down, they just want to spread the love.

However, the quieter ones, though rarer, are true treasures. They have so much within them, waiting to be shown, and though they might maintain an icy exterior, and a cynical standpoint, deep down they are the most optimistic and happy-go-lucky wankers you will ever meet, and they will give everything, for the world.
Damn, that kid is really weird! He must be a Kyle.

That guy is such a gentleman, damn it, it must be a Kyle.

Get you a guy that treats you like Kyle would.
by xxxfangsxxx August 05, 2018
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Kyle is one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. He has the best personality possible. He is funny, smart, handsome, crazy, hot, kind and just amazing in every way. You could trust him with your life and he will always keep his promises. His smile could melt ice and his laugh is infectious. He has eyes you could get lost in for days. He has the warmest heart and the kindest soul. He is a crazy, lovable person although can be a bit shy when you first meet him. You do not want to get on Kyle's bad side because it's very hard to gain his trust back. His is an amazing friend and will always help you when possible and make sure your OK. Kyle's are great fun and will make you smile even at your worst moods- you can always count on them to brighten up your day. Kyle has an unbelievable singing voice and a talent in the Arts, which he uses to the best of his abilities. If you ever meet a Kyle and become his friend/girlfriend just remember how lucky you are to have met such an incredible guy, never let him go.
A: Who is that over there?
B: That's Kyle}, he's friends with everyone. Shall i introduce you?
A: He even looks like a Kyle with that stunning smile!
by Photograph21xoxo April 10, 2018
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the meaning of the name Kyle is "victorious" this comes from an American background.

Kyle is that guy you see walking down the street and wish he was yours, he loves typical man stuff like cars and women, but he is also respectful and very loyal to his own woman. he loves many different types of music and he isn't easily changed ( as he shouldn't be) Kyle is a tall guy with beautiful eyes, very persistent, very genuine, very smart, and very clicked on to things going on around him, only those who are lucky enough to have him will be a part of his life, he is very loving, and once he has his eye set on something there is no stopping him, he is a lot smarter than he lets on, he is a fast learner, he is a great listener, he gives his all to no one apart from the people who deserve it, any girl who ends up with a Kyle must be a keeper because he doesn't let people in easily, and once you are in he wont let you go.

I love you Kyle M <3
girl1: who's that over there?

girl 2: oh that's Kyle, I wish he was mine.
by missusmitchell November 19, 2013
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The most perfect man you will ever meet.
Man 1: That Kyle is Perfect.
Woman 1: I know! Even when we are dating.
by Gelling the Cat May 16, 2018
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