Kyles are very amazing people. They are always there for you and will never forget about you. They take time out of there day to be there for you and your problems. Kyles can cheer you up fast by giving you compliments or just saying a joke. Over all Kyles are just amazing people and If you find yourself one you should hold on because you won't ever find one so amazing.
Kyle is amazing
by Oppshi July 13, 2015
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Kyle is a great guy to get to know. He’s loyal, generous, forgiving, and a wonderful friend. There’s always something unique about him, something that stands out from the crowd. He’s not typically a ladies man, as his main fault is his awkwardness, but so many that look past that are enchanted by his kindness. Another weakness of Kyles is his stubbornness. However, if someone asks him for something, he will always deliver, and if you have a favor to ask, Kyle will always be there.
Kyle is a generous guy and a loyal friend.
by AllNames February 11, 2019
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Kyle is an extremely kind person

He's funny and trustworthy yet slightly strange
He's worth being friends with, he's amazing and nothing will change it, he's flipping amazing at scoring goals in football and is super good at handstands he's an amazing friend and has adorable baby photos
You can talk to him about anything and he will understand he knows what to say in the right moment and no matter if you don't see it yourself he will reassure you that you are completely awesome just how you are!
He should never change and he never will!
by T0pazzlr February 14, 2015
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A guy who tends to be cocky and seems very self confident but is actually quite a shy guy. Good at collecting dirt on people but he won't use it unless betrayed or hurt. Very loyal, honest, trust worthy and kind. Smart guy with a good sense of humour and gets along well with girls, although he tends to see them as sisters rather than romantic interests. Charismatic and tall, not tied to any set race. A great friend.
Friend: I'm not sure if I should tell you...

Kyle: C'mon, would I seriously tell anyone? I already have enough dirt on you anyway, i'm not gonna use it.

Friend: True... okay.
by phoenixblitz February 13, 2013
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the most amazing guy you'll ever meet. someone sweet, protective, funny, cute, and a total dork, but that's what makes him so awesome. that's what'll get you to like him so badly. you'll like him for the longest time. and even when you talk to and see him everyday, you know it'll never happen.
friend: hey, who do you like?

me: *glances at kyle* the most amazing guy i'll never have.
by whothefucktakesallmynames February 09, 2013
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The one, the only. Kyle is a very charming and lovable person. Based off the "Celtic-Name", which means to be handsome, Kyle is unique. He can be badass, but friendly at the same time. Get yourself a Kyle like mine!
Kyle: Jeremy are you okay?
Jeremy: Yeah... But my name on Urban Dictionary is crap.
Kyle: I'll write a new one just for you.
Jeremy: Aww. Thanks Kyle.
by "WRITTEN_BY_A_KYLE" March 01, 2018
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A amazing looking child that every girl likes. Does not like dances unless he is with someone.
Kyle had a hot girlfriend at the dance.
by Billkill1800 January 31, 2018
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