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Caring, loving, cool person to be around.....crazy as hell can get pissed off quick stay away from hum when hes mad
Kylan is crazy!!!!!
by K-Eazy28 June 02, 2018
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a sexy beast that is so sexy, he's sexier than sexy. oh... and he's sexy like a sexy piece of sexy.
by Joe Momma's Momma May 20, 2010
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A beautiful girl who is like no other. She is smart, sophisticated, enthusiastic, and spreads happiness every where she goes. She will make your day brighter with a few words. Kylan has many good traits and a heart of gold, she is full of energy and will do anything to make someone else happy. She is always upbeat and kind to everyone she meets. She is unique in the way she cares for everyone and everything, her smile radiates a shine brighter than the sun and her eyes sparkle more than the biggest star in the night sky. She is really silly and can sometimes get offended when someone jokes with her too much, but she is a god sport. Her laugh is contagious and some may think she is annoying. Very many people try to enter her life but a kylan is cautious and will only let a few get to know the real her, those are the lucky ones. Lots of boys love her but the boy lucky enough for a kylan to love must be very special and almost perfection, like her. If you come into contact with a Kylan don't let her go. she is a secret treasure that should not be taken for granted. Once Kylan enters your life you will not ever want her gone.
guy 1-"Hey man look at kylan over there."
guy 2- "She's always so kind and sweet to everyone I wish I could get a chance to know her."
by bignight September 17, 2012
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A kylan is someone with a big head . But hes funny ash . and always trynna flex on people . usually having a liking of the barbie song β€Ό kinda laughs like a girl . Hes a real baller too
He must be a kylan bc his laugh is like a girls .
via giphy
by Kf1234 January 04, 2017
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The biggest bitch on the planet and is always mean and stupid. She shows off to guys way out of her league and everyone hates her!!
Jada: Hey quit being such a Kylan!
Me: Don’t you dare comparing me to that piece of human trash!!
by @&?!)& January 10, 2018
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very pretty, but extremely fake. Everything is always funny to kylan's their always laughing, even though its not funny. Girls like this Used to be against drinking and smoking but now typically gets high and wasted every weekend. They also enjoy peeing on peoples floors in their houses. This behavior is generally misunderstood and very irrational, but is accepted as a weird urinal fetish to the Kylan population. Kylans tend to think they are popular but in fact are not liked by many due to them blowing off their friends to hang out with older people because they think they're really cool. They are generally bad friends and girlfriends because of a majorly jealously problem. look out for her calves(;
riley: "did you see that bitch pee on floor in front of everyone and soak it up with a towel?"
taylor: "yeah, that girl is such a kylan! i and everyone else on the entire planet would never do that, especially in another persons house!"
riley: "i know right? she thinks were best friends but i could never be friends with a loser like that."
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
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