you’re my babie
by babiebitch December 30, 2020
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a guy or girl who is sexy/cute/looks good etc.

derived from florida slang
Jenny: damn girl, you just seen that lil babie?

Heather: Yea girl, aint nuttin but babies over here!

Girl yo cousin is a BABIE!!!
by Ciara2cute June 19, 2008
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a cuter version of baby but for Jaehyun only.

Jaehyun, a babie.
Jaehyun is the cutest babie and the only babie ever.
by ilywoojae May 15, 2019
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babie means someone thats adorable, usually used in stan twitter. someone who is being cute, acting soft or a particular way. 🥺🥺 can be used to describe someone who is babie.
by godoyourhomeworkclown October 19, 2019
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babie ~ cute/soft/adorable
also used to describe kim jiwoo also known as chuu from the girl group loona

pronounced like the word baby
chuu: i’m babie
orbits: yes you’re babie :(
by cisucks October 20, 2019
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Louis is so babie 🥺
by 1: September 23, 2020
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