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Kyan is a amazing guy. He is usually one of the popular boys but doesnt fit in as well as the others. He is very athletic exspetialy in basketball. He's very kind and thoughtful and incense you got to know him he's a great guy. He's also dang cute to😝
Girl1 " Kyan can be so mean sometimes."
Girl2 " just get to know him like I do he's amazing and so cute"
Girl1 " I don't know"
Girl2 " trust me he's awesome"

Kyan can also be called ky sometimes
by ???11 February 7, 2019
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Super hot man that typically has a massive shlong. All the girls want a guy like kyan in their life.
Kyan has the biggest shlong I've even seen, I wish my bode has a massive shlong like Kyan
by April 21, 2021
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A guy with a 20 inch duck which has Johnny sins scared for his career.He scoops women of the streets with his cock like a bench and takes them home to his basement where he bums them with a greggs cheese and onion sausage roll
Wow he’s sexy he must be a kyan
by johnnysinsgay09 April 21, 2021
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A beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. She’s kind and thoughtful and soft but can really party!! She’s a freaking good person. Like wtf. If u know her, u gotta be her friend
Kyan is awesome
by Ari.chan March 28, 2019
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Kyan is a loyal and funny friend who makes memes like a professional baker bakes cookies. She is often found laughing with her small group of amazing friends. She loves being around people. Most would say her smile is contagious. Kyan is a beautiful female, who often has her ears pierced and wears her long black hair braids.
OMG! Kyan just smiled! I’m now smiling too!
by urboichungus March 28, 2019
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immature boy that does not get over things in a reasonable amount of time. Very nosy and always buds into people's conversations.
Kyan is so annoying and he won't let me move on because hes not over the breakup
by Urban_diction2020 October 11, 2019
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Kyan is a massive fucking pussy who likes fat Raccoons and Puffer fish. He has no life and he sits on his PC every day, eating pot noodle and wanking he seriously has no actual purpose in life also he has a Granddad called Roy Riggers and he whips niggers also his uncle is a massive piss head. He has also spent to much money on in game purchases such as V-Bucks, TF2 and Roblox he might deny that he doesn't anymore but he did in the past so that still makes him a stupid cunt also he is kinda of a fag.
Kyan: Have you seen the item shop

Everyone else: No one gives a fuck you pussy
by Kyan's Scary bully August 30, 2019
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