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Courtney is a great friend. She is funny and beautiful. She can make anyone laugh when they are feeling down. She is so pretty and amazingly awesome. I love my best friend Courtney and if you meet one keep them around they might be just like mine💕
Girl1 "who's that girl dancing in the hallway

Friend "that's Courtney isn't she so funny and amazing and pretty"
Girl1 " oh yeah Courtney she's hilarious and amazingly beautiful"

Courtney is an amazing friend ILYSM Bestie😘💕
by ???11 February 06, 2019

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Kyan is a amazing guy. He is usually one of the popular boys but doesnt fit in as well as the others. He is very athletic exspetialy in basketball. He's very kind and thoughtful and incense you got to know him he's a great guy. He's also dang cute to😝
Girl1 " Kyan can be so mean sometimes."
Girl2 " just get to know him like I do he's amazing and so cute"
Girl1 " I don't know"
Girl2 " trust me he's awesome"

Kyan can also be called ky sometimes
by ???11 February 07, 2019

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Bailey is a very nice girl. She is beautiful all around. She is shy but can be very loud when she wants to. She can be a great friend and she is also super funny. If you meet a Bailey keep her around.
Boy1 " woah dang who is that girl over there"
Boy2 " thats Bailey she is the most is so pretty and awesome"
Boy1 "in going to go talk to her"

Bailey is awesome and kind
by ???11 February 07, 2019

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She's a beautiful girl but not very trusworthy. She's not very humble and only talks about her self. She can be a player at times. But she can also be a great friend to some just make sure she trusts you and you trust her and know what your getting yourself into
Girl1 " omg Kendall just started to talk to me she's so cool"
Girl2 " be careful with her I used to be her friend but I stoped after she told everyone one of my secrets"

Kendall is also very athletic
by ???11 February 06, 2019

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Jaxson is so nice and awesome and friendly. He is a great friend. If you get to know a Jaxson keep him close he is rally helpful and kind once you get to know him.
Friend1 "Jaxson is so cool I'm so glad he's my friend"
Bestfriend " if your only friends with him because he's cool your missing the point he's awesome and kind and super smart to"

Jaxson is someone you want to be friends with
by ???11 February 06, 2019

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