The "kuss" (or "kussolj") word means "Shut up" in Hungary .
Kuss! Nem érdekel a véleményed...
Shut up! I don't care your opinion...
by Betono Zoltán October 22, 2015
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1. Cuss word used without malice or contempt. 2. Mild obscenity or quaintly expressed pejorative lovingly whispered or given to a loved one, or similar language used with those who are regarded fondly.
1. Each night, His Pen would send Her Pen the same loving message before she turned out the light; "Good night my love, Kisses and Kusses!"

2. She thrilled to hear Him kuss in her ears, loving each word as he whispered, "Yes, but you're my Bitch, and never forget it."
by PensiveQuills September 21, 2014
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It's also German for kiss.
Kuss mich (or, Küss mich) by Rammstein
by Daegon September 15, 2010
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the vagina
indian girls ki kuss main kittey or pigs ka lun
by sexy October 28, 2003
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vaginal intrance, also known as "yoni", "cunt" a.o.
My dick is hard, let me enter your kusse
by Aslak December 1, 2005
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A women`s genitalia,a vulva,cunt,pussy.
Teri kuss kitnie tight hay!
Bachie kie kuss bay kalay baal hain.
by lapel July 18, 2003
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The state of having been massively jewed in any aspect of life.
Man, I really got kussed at that kosher butchers. More so than usual...
by T-dot Diddy March 6, 2007
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