A sweet handsome rich smart boy who is very talented with ART and SWIMMING. He likes to be comedic at times
by badman467890 March 30, 2017
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Kie is a glamour girl . Girls who are named Kie do makeup & hair really well & always gets compliments on them. She is fun & outgoing. A true socialite who's kind & giving heart wins over the souls of others . Boys fall at her feet when they see her . She's a queen
I saw Kie at the mall and her makeup was POPPING!!!!
by Kierrica March 14, 2017
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she’s a cock sucking pp cum slut whore hoe
who’s that?
that’s the slut kie
by posidm June 4, 2020
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when you wanna kill yourself and die but you accidentally say both at the same time
by gr4v3y4rdsh1ft December 9, 2021
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A hybrid Harry Potter/Spammer. Typically spotted on gaming forums, they are also referred to as 'Useless Cumstains'. For the most part they hang around posting useless one liners, such as 'Lol' and 'Owned' to try and increase their post count, but they are also capable of extreme cases of stupidity, which often results in several other forum members beating him into submission.
Hey dude, check out that Kie, man I wish he would die.
by DouLou May 23, 2005
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