A very unique person that can always bring a smile to your face with a very unique name
by Liner018364 December 19, 2016
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A gangly unicorn that only likes to run, sleep, and play the cello. He is a pucca that can only be seen by SPECIAL people.
Zoe can see the Kalai.
by botcha_ducky! September 14, 2011
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A pretty girl that love everything and everyone. Also love hugs and kisses, mostly every single boy likes her. If you see a kalais give her a hug.
Kalais gives a lot of hug.
by Kalais September 7, 2020
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an extremely hilarious man with an unusually large cock and balls
person 1: oh its kalai
person 2: hes so hilarious and his cock and balls are so very large
person 1: so true
kalai: makes funny joke
everyone: laughs
by boi123456789101112 March 23, 2022
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they are most generous persons on the freeking universe. Having an El Kalai in your life is the biggest blessing that could exist. They are skaters. If you have this name, you'll become richer than Trump. Trust me.
the futures masters of the world, a real organisation.... (Like Francs-maçons...)
OMG, did you kill this child for the El Kalai's to become rich and save the universe from Thanos?
by paramécie November 22, 2021
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Kalai is a fuckboy who loves to fuck.He have a nice body but small penis.He loves to talk and going to gym.
Kalai likes to drink but is a lousy drinker
by Khiri November 22, 2021
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