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The capital of Sarawak, Kuching is is the 4th largest urban area in Malaysia and with probably the best quality of life. It is a beautiful, green, laid-back city with non racist people (comprised of mostly Chinese, then Malays and Dayaks)- which is a like far-away dream in most parts of Malaysia. Most only 'learnt how to become' racist after staying for some time in West Malaysia. Intermarriage especially among the Chinese and Dayaks are common. Kuching has the best of both worlds - the facilities of a modern city and the strong community ties of a small town. In short, Kuching is a wonderful place to live in but a mindnumbingly boring place for tourists.

Contrary to what quite a lot of West Malaysians think, Kuching people are not uneducated and 'ulu'. The fact is most Kuchingites can speak better English then them. Kuching also ranks as the no. 2 highest average household income.

Most Kuchingites have the same hobby - eating. This is why there are so many kopitiams over here. Our most famous foods are the kolo mee, laksa Sarawak, kacangma and midin belacan.

Kuching is developing at a very pace rapid pace and this is not neccesarily a good thing. Rising crime, traffic jams, several new malls, and more coming soon might turn Kuching into another unlivable metropolis. Currently however, crime and traffic are still much better than in other large cities in Malaysia.

Noooo.. Kuching, you're beautiful just the way you are! Don't grow up too fast! T_T
Kuchingite driving around: Haiyo why Kuching so boring one no place to go one? All the same things nia.

Another Kuchingite: Nevermind la. Can go eat again lor.
by MimiLala March 07, 2008
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The act of stiffing someone on a tip and smiling in their face.
That table just had a $200 tab and all I received was a nice kuching.
by Playboy Vic February 16, 2019
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Having sex with a post op Malaysian tranny.
"Is John coming out to the bar with us tonight?"
"No, he is going to spend the night Kuching instead"
by KuchingKing October 09, 2011
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