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A heroin substitute that has recently become an epidemic in Russia. Its popularity is thought to be due to the price; up to ten times cheaper than heroin itself and possible to concoct at home. The recipe is readily available on the internet and is cooked up in the kitchens of users before being injected into the arm, groin etc. The high lasts for a much shorter time than most of its opiate cousins; about two hours maximum. This means the user spends most of their day cooking and hardly ever sleeps as a new hit is needed so often. The injection sites become green and scaly, giving the drug its nickname of "crocodile" (or "krokodil" in Russian). Ingredients include over the counter codeine, paint-thinner and match heads. It is the impurities from these that cause the awful side effects which include severe and fast acting gangrene, haemorrhaging, rupture of arteries (often in the heart itself) and widespread necrosis or rotting of the flesh. It is considered to be one of the most addictive and dangerous opiates out there, killing most of its users within one year. Unlike heroin, krokodil causes withdrawal symptoms so severe that a user going cold turkey must be given powerful tranquillisers to prevent them passing out from the pain. This makes coming off the drug so unappealing that addicts will often watch their skin rot away from the bones rather than face sobriety.
He's been taking krokodil and now his feet are rotting off.
by Jasmine_T June 24, 2011
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A cheap heroin knockoff that can be synthesized with codeine based OTC pain medicine and cheap, widely available chemicals. The price of krokodil is approximately 10% of street heroin. It is a very popular drug in Russia, where heroin use is the highest in the world, primarily due to Russia's close proximity to Afghanistan.

The drug is extremely dangerous, causing sores and other dermatological issues. The drug breaks down skin and muscle fibers at an astounding rate. The life expectancy of a heavy user is approximately 2-3 years from when the habit begins.
Tim: Check this stuff out, it's "krokodil." It's so cheap compared to heroin and it gives a great buzz! I've been using it for about a month.

Chris: What are those sores all over the back of your neck?

Tim: Beats me, maybe it's the weather?
by Captain Planets August 09, 2013
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A fucked up drug that causes your skin to turn green and rot away after a period of time.
drug addict: "Lets get fucked up on krokodil!"
Me: "You do know that that shit literally rots away your flesh right?"
drug addict: "Shut up you fucking pussy. At least I'm not too chicken to take it like you are."
Me: "Ok, have fun looking like a misshapen crocodile for the rest of your life."
by Dubiks October 24, 2018
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1) the state or feeling of being jealous.
"a sharp pang of krokodil"
synonyms:jealousy, envy.
"Man, your girlfriend is so damn krokodil. She gets all craycray over the dumbest stuff. You need to break up with her."
by nighthawk71 October 02, 2013
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