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the ugly truth about your life is that at one point in most people lives they had their mothers vagina stretched across their face.
lindsay told me the ugly truth
by The king Friday February 11, 2014
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A rapper out of the California Bay Area. Known for his original lyrics, beats and drunken craziness.
Hey man you heard that song "Heart Murmur" by The Ugly Truth?

by Rap Nation September 15, 2010
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A movie staring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.About a woman trying to find mr.right but she finds the help of a man from a show called the ugly truth to help her get the guy of her dreams.Sounds badish..actually really good:)
Did you see the ugly truth yet?
No why is it good?
Definitely,cute guys hot girls:)
by LoveyoumoreZ July 28, 2009
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