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Kristof is an badass person who no one can possibly beat and is also incredibly strong and smart
Wow that dude is such a kristof, how do i look
by jarredD March 04, 2014
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A Krištof family is the most f*uped family you will ever meet. They act really friendly and nice to other people..They hate unwanted guest but still pretend that they are wanted here. They all hate eachother and its best for them to be far away from each other possible.Sometimes they are friendly to eachother but most of the time they arent..
Person 1 : "My family is such a mess"
Person 2: "Is it like a Krištof family?"
Person 1: "No jeez its not that bad"
by RamizPoplava August 28, 2018
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Usually a white cracker who acts tuff but gets knocked out because he says nigger to a Johanne
Fuck it’s a Kristof better get my fucking boxing gloves.
by Ayooolitttgang January 23, 2018
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