An Indian

Usually South Indian

Krishnan means Lord in the various languages of India

makes friends with lots of asians

strives to be the best they can be
Krishnan Guru Murphy on BBC news :D

by MrMystery1212312 January 30, 2009
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Lord or deity name, now commonly used to direct at people who are surrounded by the 'ladies'. In many cases though, it can be sarcastically used to refer to people who never get laid. Variants of the same are Kanhaiyaa, Kishan etc.
This dude is the 'Krishnan' of our class.
Kanhaiyaa is at his job again.
by wishweller August 29, 2010
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Trisha Krishnan is the popular Indian Actress. She is called as 'South Queen', as she worked in all South Indian languages with almost all Top Actors. She is the longest surviving South Indian Actress with 18+ years on Top. She won 5 Filmfare Awards, which is the highest in current generation. She is the only 'UNICEF Celebrity Advocate' from South India. She is also referred as 'Kollywood Queen', 'Thalaivi'. She is the most loved Celebrity.
Who is the Queen of South Indian Cinema? Or Who is 'South Queen'?

Ans: Trisha Krishnan, obviously.
by bien intentionnée May 29, 2021
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Fuckin retard...thinks he a Zoro from One piece but we all know that he's a Condoriano...Little piece of shit
by Luffy King November 24, 2021
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Sai is a great person. Everyone loves their presence. Loyal and trustworthy with sound knowledge. Cares for his family and friends.

Travel and food makes them happy. Sai is destined to be successful. Slowly he progress towards his dreams. Sai makes a place warm and happy.
I like to have friends like Sai Krishnan.

Sai is so honest and loyal
by Rm-rm November 24, 2021
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The one use use to live with lie and pretend to know all stuff but in reality he/she doesn't even know a single stuff.
Being Santhana Krishnan should be avoided
by Harrywishfairy November 24, 2021
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