A person or character that represents your inner personality. Someone who behaves as though they are showing your feelings through their own actions. This is a positive way to discribe someone who you relate to in the way they react to situations and interact with people.
Did you see SNL? Stefon Meyers is my spirit animal!
by Dumbass with an iPhone November 21, 2016
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A catch-all phrase used to describe the many different types of myths, phantasmic visions, and totems across multiple cultures and languages across the world, such as the Alebrijes of Mexico, or the Chiwara of African tribes in Mali. The Spirit Animals across all cultures share a common theme of embodying various animals, or animal-like creatures, that represent or help educate a human being through characteristics of that animal or mythical creature. The term has been a curious flashpoint in recent years due to an erroneous belief that the phrase belongs solely to Native Americans, who although they have their own mythology surrounding animal-like entities, are not the only culture to document or claim these types of beings. In fact, there is no such term as "Spirit Animal" actually found in any historical Native American language -- the phrase was only applied generically in more recent, modern language, and adapted. Though, perhaps we can all agree the world needs fewer every day morons tweeting that a certain celebrity or pop icon is their 'Spirit Animal'.
In the Pixar movie COCO, Imelda's Spirit Animal was an alebrije named Pepita. After helping save the day, Dante the street dog became Miguel's Spirit Animal as well.
by Ugh Please Enough Already November 13, 2018
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In pagan religions and systems, a spirit animal or totem is meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have. Online, saying something or someone is your spirit animal is a statement that said person or thing is a representation of you or what you want to be.
Friend 1: "Did you see Misfits last night?"
Friend 2: "YES. Nathan Young is my spirit animal."
by Raibean December 26, 2011
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An animal who chooses you or you choose it to get guideance & learning to help you thru life. The Native Americans believe in this.
1 of my spirit animals is the Raven; the other spirit animal I have is Wolf.
by Starchylde June 22, 2016
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an animal you sort of wish you were, or you admire them alot, or you feel like you have similar traits to it.
my spirit animal is...
by crystaldreamer12 September 16, 2021
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What furries ask you about when they're too shy to ask if you have a fursona.
"What's your spirit animal?"
"I don't know, probably a wolf"
"Oh cool! Do you have telegram?"
by Mines is gay September 30, 2021
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A word that was used in Native American culture that white people stole to represent how they related to animals or celebrities. Many don't know that this is culturally insensitive
Look up an article or something.
dude #1: Taylor Swift is like, totally my spirit animal
dude#2: dude, isn't that like, erasing the meaning of Native American traditions
by This is like, so sad November 10, 2018
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