One of the Guitarist for the Gothic Visual Kei Japanese band Malice Mizer. As well as one gorgeous, sexy beast. *Makes a nice woman too.*
girl one at concert: hey who's that with the guitar over to the side?
girl two at concert: *srceams* It's Ko~Zi!! KO~ZI! KO~ZI! KO~ZI!
girl two just blinks.
girl one passes out because Ko~Zi has just blinked in her direction.
by Michiru October 9, 2003
used to describe people, objects, or situations that evoke a feeling of warmth, acceptance, friendliness, good humor, and/or coolness
"I saw that kozy old guy that gives your candy everytime he talks to you."

"Toe Jam & Earl was such a kozy game."
by adumb January 11, 2005
Shit! Look at them over there getting all kozy on the sidewalk!
Making mad love in the village of Buckeye Lake while getting Buckey Laked.

Yeah me n him got kozy next to dragon village.
by SavvySharron December 19, 2017
cool in a laied back/ extreme way or kinda chill
The view from the top of the mountian was kozy.
by Paris July 6, 2003
Kozy (bgl. Kaan) könnte es nicht weniger kümmern was jemand über seinen Namen im Internet schreibt.

Trotzdem wünscht er allen nur das beste und konzentriert sich auf sein eigenen shit.
P1: wow, du hast ja die Ruhe weg
P2: klar, noch weniger Puls und ich geh Kozy

Polizei: N’Abend, allgemeine Personenkontrolle, einmal den personal Ausweis bitte.
by Definitivnichtkozy November 25, 2021
Somebody who likes sofas or couches alot.
She is such a kozi!
by cholonesss2 November 5, 2008
To stay in on a night when others are typically out drinking dancing, etc. Often practiced by lesbian couples.
Hurry up and get home so we can be kozy kitty and watch CSI.. I made enchiladas, so pick up some beer and some ice cream.
by Kelloid April 16, 2008