Amanda got knocked up because Jimmy didn't use protection.
by startenhash October 21, 2003
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"Knocked up" is slang for "Impregnating"

Though it is generally used negatively, in certain "ghetto" settings, it is a compliment to tell a girl her boyfriend knocked you up. No one is sure why, but many believe it is a compliment for implying that said boyfriend is attractive/sexually potent.
"You're flyboy got me knocked up/impregnated me"
"Thanks, girl! He is a looker!"
by mj tragic February 6, 2014
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Fucking a girl hard. Cumming in her probably slutty pussy.. Getting her pregnant. Good job dumbass!
You fucked, broke the condom, filled her to the brim with cum, got her knocked up...
by fortybuckle5859 October 30, 2018
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What happens when yahl dont use a condom biatch!!.. in other words gettin you pregnant ight
Lica got knocked up by her boyfriend when they werent using protection
by XRiaX August 27, 2007
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To knock up a guy means to fuck him in his asshole and have a cumgasm.
Matt always wants to knock up my asshole trying to make me pregnant because he says it would be fun to have a little skippy-boy running around, but I told him it doesn't work that way!
by eda-skip October 6, 2021
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Man, I really should've used a condom with her... I knocked her up!
by Brown Sugar March 20, 2003
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