The act of standing in front of a bowed or seated male or female with an erect penis. Placing said penis on each shoulder and head in the same manner as king or Queen dubbing a true knight.
As with tea bagging this action is sexual in nature usually meaning to gratify, punish, embarrass, or promote laughter.
" Ian was asking to be Knighted after refusing to make me a sandwich"!
by Atom Bianchi February 8, 2009
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Receiving a blowjob while in a castle. This can be an authentic pre-16th Century castle or a later reproduction made using the techniques of Western European castle engineers.
You: "Dude, I was on a date at Bancroft Tower and the girl blew me in the castle!"

Friend: "Oh my God, you got knighted!"
by blankcastle March 22, 2013
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When a guy cum on her shoulders and after that he declares her ma'am and stand up proud.
i totaly knighted my girl last night, she's now a ma'am.
by HairyPotterFD October 4, 2012
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The act of being beat, hit, or crushed with a nightstick by another person or object.
Last night on my way home, some police stopped my car and knighted me.
by Gekode April 22, 2013
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When you're done getting a prime blow job. You knight the person who blew you with your penis, by placing your penis on her left shoulder then you move your penis to her right shoulder. You may also use your penis to slap her in the face so she doesn't forget, depends on tradition.
Steve got the best blow job of his life from Sandi that he had to knight her with his penis. Sandi's knighting took place under a full moon beside the castle.
by Mike Pezacouski August 8, 2012
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Knight is a good friend, but sometimes he acts like he's on crack, and can be pretty weird, but he is very cool
bro, did u hear what knight did the other day
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