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The word Kinge, pronounced like Fringe or other similair words, was made up by me, Drew Taylor, on a trip to Newquay in the summer of 2006. It means that something is great, if something is better than great it's kinge. If more people use the word maybe it'll be recognized in a dictionary or's the future, use it!
Wowee that movie was well Kinge!
by Sgt-Kinge March 02, 2011
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Cow + minge = Kinge.

Not necessarily a cow's minge (or vagina). An incidental meeting of a cow and a minge to create The Kinge.
"Check that Kinge, heavy like a hinge holding up a well-big door. Singe that kinge, furry like a minge, in need of a wet-fresh trim."
by An*l Assainator March 14, 2009
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