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Usage: AdVerb
Origins: XDA

The process of getting ripped off by KingKlick
Yo dUdE, Im sO bOrrOwing yOur wOrK and taKin All the crEdiT

*thanks man!*

-You just got Kinged
by ciwrl March 09, 2010
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Verb. When one is pranked by the infamously scary Burger King King. This may involve waking up at an early hour, only to have your friends coinciding with the Burger King's prank, as he himself points his finger and laughs inaudibly at you while you freak out.
Man: Dude, you won't believe this! I was sleeping, then I was woken up by the Burger King! Right there! In my bed! He tried to offer me a Whopper, but I refused, so he fled out my window!
Dude: Man, you got Kinged? Scary...
by Phantom Tonberry August 10, 2009
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Full name: King Edward VII Science and Sport College.
A school situated in the East Midlands, in Coalville, though thankfully on the outskirts.

A noteable feature of the school is its high population of students from nearby Coalville, Greenhill and Agar Nook; because of this, the school provides a reliable example of the results of incest. In addition, many of the students are chavs.
The school caters exclusively to underachievers, providing many benefits for those who refuse to learn while ignoring those who want to succeed. This is reflected in the choice of teaching staff, many of whom are idiots.
Generally, those who are able to get into Ashby School and get a bus to Ashby De La Zouch do so, while the scum breeding in the areas near to King Ed tend to stay closer to home.
There are rumours that the UK government is extremely disgusted with the state of the school, to the extent that there are plans in place to eliminate it and its population using nuclear weapons. However, many simply discard this as wishful thinking.
King Ed student: King Ed's the shit, innit bruv.

Outsider: Go fuck your mother.

King Ed student: Again?
by wivs July 18, 2009
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The past tense deffinition of the verb Kinging, which is when a man dominates a woman during sexual intercourse.
Man #1: "How many times have you kinged?"
Man #2: "I'd say about 10 just last night!"
by itsmfheather February 18, 2010
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when someone sends you a rage message, then blocks you before you can reply.
im sure after leaving this comment, ill be "Kinged" by the otiginal poster..
by Rattbasturd April 22, 2018
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