The king.
A person who rules all, A person who is the best of the best.
by da Man January 17, 2003
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the adjustable bolt through the bushings and hanger of a skateboard truck that hold these parts to the baseplate.

when tightened, the skateboard does not turn as easily.
"your kingpin is bent, you should replace it."
by akary May 06, 2005
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the pin that attaches a big rig's trailer to the front part.
I pulled the kingpin and bam
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
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Killer Montreal ska band that accompanied ska's 3rd wave.
Wow!! That new tie is sooo Kingpins.
by Paddy Walsh March 22, 2005
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tha boss tha one tha not to be fucked with, tha don tha man of men, tha king of new york tha king of tha world, m.o.c rapper called tha kingpin...
-wilson fisk
by benny b March 14, 2004
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The act of having sex then taking a dump. Extradited from the movie "Kingpin" from the scene where Woody Harrelson is forced to have sex with his unattractive landlord, after which she says "What is it about good sex that makes me have to crap?"
I couldn't help myself. I had to shit before sex, she was ready to go; so I took a Kingpin.
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