Ploughing is the act of thrusting the penis into and out of any living being repeatedly, male or female.
"After a good ploughing, Penelope loved nothing more than smoking a cigarette or two while the jelly like feeling in her legs passed."
by gogggg January 28, 2006
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bum a slag and try to collect as much shit as possible under ones foreskin
i was ploughing this bitch and i managed 7 grams of awesome nuggets
by nevs jap March 26, 2012
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Man, I'd like to plough her!

I wish to plough you.
by LittleTitch December 6, 2008
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to plough is to have sex very, very, very hard.
Candee: I love you! Harder, harder
Rowan: I love you Candee
Candee: Yes yes! PLOUGH THAT PUSSY!!!
by Li Ying Chi November 2, 2007
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To strip someone of his/her virginity.
1. Don't blabber just because he ploughed your queen.

2. Sid ploughed his neighbor last weekend.
by babakaashirwad December 24, 2012
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To achieve or progress forcibly and repetitively during sexual intercourse. The act of plowing into and through a hole.
Little Jonny having become loathsome of his pedestrian intimate relations, stepped up his game and ploughed every hole he could find with vigor and enthusiasm.
by John Mickelstain June 4, 2021
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The physical and mental state of someone who is under the effects of an illegal drug
for example cannabis
"Wow Dave is so ploughed today"
by TheRainman January 25, 2009
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