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Kimani is a fun loving girl who will break her back for family or friends. She remains loyal to people she lost touch with. She is beautiful, funny, talented, hard working, and wild.
"There go kimani goofy self."
by Kimmy050400 March 13, 2017
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Kimani is a fun loving girl who is misunderstood by lots of people. She can be clingy but all she wants to be is loved. Her home situation is complicated but shes fun,sexy,smart,nice,and will love the man whose lucky to have her.
Kimani sexy as hell!!
by My New Bae For Life January 17, 2018
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the greatest guy you'll ever meet. may have alot of flaws but you can talk to him bout anything and i mean anything. over protective. taller than you. but still the best friend or boyfriend. may think he tough and what not but you just have to be the one to put him back in his place. kimani is a uni-sex name. personally i have never met a girl named kimani but from experience with a boy named kimani, you would really want to know one.
Person #1: you saw what kimani did ?
Person #2: no.. damn i wish i did. he's so cool

Person #1: i know.
by hahahaiammenotyou December 01, 2010
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Kimani is the best girl you’ll ever meet. She’s smart, beautiful, athletic, and has a great personality. She’s loyal, even though it may take her a while to loosen up too you, once she loosens up she’ll make you happy everytime you see her. Her hugs are great and her kisses are amazing. She has big soft lips and beautiful brown eyes. Highly attractive and talented. You’ll never want anyone else once you meet a Kimani.
Person: You know of Kimani right?
Person 2: Yea man she’s the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. I might have a thing for her
by Queenkay1132 December 15, 2018
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A badass chick, very energetic and a blast to be around. Sometimes found lurking through the woods, in a tent or dancing her ass off on the dance floor, she mesmerizes those around her with her badass dance moves.
Look kids! There's a Kimani on the dancefloor! Be quiet we don't wanna scare her away!!!
by twistlock December 02, 2010
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