He who enjoys practicing his fiddling technique upon unsuspecting members of the younger generation (with no pubic growth).
Oi get out of my child's trousers, you dirty Kiddie Fiddler
by Gary Glitter May 29, 2003
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One who enjoys the company of those under the age of 16. A bit too much.
I heard that guy Leorae is a kiddie fiddler. He's chatting up a 14 yr old boy!
by MrsGraham November 3, 2008
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One who likes touch and fiddle with unclothed, smooth, prepubescent, genitalia.
When I was a young boy my uncle, the renowned kiddy fiddler, pulled my pants down and fondled my unit.
by Timothy Tool November 8, 2004
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Usually a bearded, middle aged gentleman, who hides in park bushes and hangs around schools and playgrounds.
Sometimes wears a trenchcoat and nothing else underneath.
"So.....trick or treating eh?......I have lots of sweets inside."
by Kurt Malton May 18, 2004
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a sick person who touches kids. they do stuff to children, unnatural stuff.
My dad is a kiddy fiddler. He should be put in jail.
by sonni vitalle January 14, 2008
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