The premiere way to attract and abduct children.
Hey little girl, get into my candy van!
by JDW May 3, 2005
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Not really a candy van, used by strangers to kidnap.

Kid: Let me ask my dad first
Artzhole: What have you done, Artzholm? *cocks gun*
*speeding noises*
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n. A sweet and innocent looking man that drives around his neighborhood to look for children or women to kidnap. They usually have a rainbow flag on the driver seat and offer you some candy before the kidnap.

This activity is all the rage in Adelaide. Never judge a book by it's cover!
Candy Van Man (driving by playing Lollipop - Lil Wayne in his van) : Hey kid want some candy?

Kid : YAY! *rushing to the van*

Candy Van Man: Gives the candy to the kid and pulls him into his van and drives away.
by Delinger February 25, 2011
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A run-down shady looking vehicle that looks like something a rapist or child molester would drive.
Joe should get the blood stains washed out of his car, right now it looks like a free candy van.
by grundle debris November 9, 2007
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A free candy van most of the times has bad stuff in it and is 10x bad for you can might kidnap children.
Timmy: Look dad, free candy!
Dad: Timmy that’s bad for you!
Timmy: So?
Dad: They might get you!
Timmy: NOO!

Free candy van

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The most delicious candy. It comes from a white van and it makes you sleepy.
I ate some van candy, and then I lost track of what happened. Where's my mom?
by Jared Hershowitz June 22, 2010
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