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1. To beat the hell out out of somebody, you don't have to literally kick them in the ass.
2. Famous threat used by Hank hill.
Example 1
Keep talking shit and Im gonna kick your ass!
Example 2
Hank: Dang it Dale I'm gonna kick your ass.
by Cool Guy November 11, 2018
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the whale tail is the shape formed when a g-string rides up high over a womans trousers
oh my god look at that butt, her whale tail is showing so high!
by garv November 10, 2003
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v.- also "kick yo' ass"
1. To rare back your leg and kick, landing the kick on someone's ass.
2. To raise a foot and thrust down sharply, landing the blow on someone's ass.
1. I'm gonna kick your ass!
2. Don't gimme no sass, or I'll kick yo' ass!
by crazykrazyqrazy December 04, 2007
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