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Derived from the word 'Khalistan', it is the plural form of the word Khalistani.

Khalistanis are a bunch of Sikh Extremists mostly found in Canada and the UK who have carried out terrorist activities in the 80s including the deadliest terror attack in Canadian history.

Their Khalistan ideology is based on hate and lies and they idolise terrorists who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds and thousands of innocent people.

They do not enjoy the support of Indian Sikhs and are also known as khotas which is a title they've received from people of the Indian state of Punjab.
Khalistanis carried out the deadliest terror attack in Canadian history by blowing up a plane in mid-air killing 331 people.
by Oye Jarnail Jarnail Oye April 11, 2011
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Derived from the word 'Khalistan'. A Khalistani is a Sikh that wants a seperate homeland (Khalistan) for 'his' people out of hatred for Hinduism and India. Sikhs in India oppose the idea.

Khalistanis are mostly found in Canada and the UK. You'll see a lot of "oye oye" type of Papajis in those regions who will waive the Khalistan flag if they are not tied down with their whisky (first option) or bhangra (second option). This behaviour of Papajis is generally due to the presence of numerous Khali-Sthans in their heads.

This category consists of mostly farmers, hobos and unemployed bums from India who immigrated to another land and became rich but stayed low class and remained in each other’s company. They do not care about the fact that the reality of Khalistan would mean civil war, riots and untold misery for Sikhs in India because they are living safely in a foreign country.

The next 2 generations after them has not changed either. The second generation was brought up with the same low idea teachings at home which neutralized their schooling and the third generation today is trying to establish their insecure identity by making silly political noises about Sikhism.

Largely this hatred of Hinduism and India stems from resentment of political injustice that Sikhs have undeniably suffered in the eighties. However, these Khalistanis do not understand that Hindus have suffered as well. They generally put aside this well known fact and focus on spreading hate and lies.
Khalistani - "Oye I want Khalistan Oye"

Khalistanis carried out the deadliest terrorist attack in Canadian history by blowing up a plane killing 331 people
by Oye Jarnail Jarnail Oye December 10, 2010
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