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A seperate state for the Sikhs that was promised in 1947 when the Muslims were given their seperate nation.
Khalistan literally means the land of the the pure.
by aloo singh May 23, 2005
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Khali-Sthan - Literally Empty-Space Refers to the empty space in the heads of Pakistanis
There is so much Khalistan in Pakistanis heads you could fill it with something useful instead.
by HappyHussain August 10, 2019
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A place Pakistanis desperately want to create to get revenge on Sikhs so that they can easily invade and claim the land when Khalistan gets formed.
Pakistani: Make Khalistan!
Khalistani Sikh: Khalistan!!
Real Sikh: Facepalm
by YAMRIK March 16, 2019
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