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An Vietnamese word; meaning "Little One", it can be used as a name or middle name.
Person 1: What's that Viet girl's name?
Person 2: It's Nhi.
by Passion Fruitiee! January 18, 2008
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Acronym used by police to describe crimes between vicious criminals. (No Humans Involved)
I'm not wasting too much time time trying to solve this MF-er; its an NHI
by David November 03, 2003
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A girl who you will find as your best friend . She is unique in every way and i love her to bits . She is MY BFFL β™₯
Nhi : Caring & Trustworthy in every way :)
by MissBlackNails July 02, 2010
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This is a name of Vietnamese girl. It means beauty, smart, caring, and has a warm heart. It also means "a child", or "children".
My daughter is still a "Nhi".
by Rachel_park August 28, 2016
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Nhi is a female Vietnamese name meaning 'little one'. Most dads choose this name in homage to their penis
Person 1: hi, my name is Nhi Tran
Person 2: your dad named you after his penis?!
Person 1: absolutely, I'm also going to name my daughter Nhi
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