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Keying occurs when someone uses a key to scratch a car, usually as a form of vandalism or revenge.
Trent: After I dumped her my ex-girlfriend gave my car a good keying.
by getp November 01, 2009
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Keying is the like opening a door nob the only difrence is that your doing it with your penis

You stick a key in your dick hole then squeez your dick and twisting it then pulling it just like the act of opening a door
Hey you want to go keying with me after school today
by Nazi germany January 28, 2017
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The act of scratching the car of a person you are mad at with your key. Usually for a dumb thing they did driving.
Bill has a bad temper and usually resorts to keying the cars of other people when they drive to slow in front of him.

That stupid bitch cut me off!!! I'm going to follow her and key her car when she is away
by Patriot1776 August 04, 2015
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