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This is the girl version of "Keegan".

Will do anything and everything to put a smile on anyone's face. Has a heart of gold and will always be there for a shoulder to cry on. Always the last one standing at any party. Beautiful and sexy in every way. Boys: Easy to fall and one you should be sure to never let go of.
Man, I think Keygan and Jedd are going to get married!
by Tanned Phishluvr August 02, 2011
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An annoying little boy who needs some marturity. They think they are all that when really they’re just annoying everyone around. He likes to invade personal space and he flirts with every girl he sees. That boy ain’t loyal. He likes to taser people. They normally self centered assholes.
Keygan just tased me
That guy just stared at my ass, must be a Keygan
by Girlyoudontwannaknow February 12, 2018
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a guy lover who is currently needs a boyfriend so if you need a guy lover one call thats all.
hey keygan where is your husband
by CAMBEAN May 20, 2018
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