Jedd is the definition of a sex god he is the most amazing person in the world and is great in bed
Is that Jedd OMG
by Buh21212 September 22, 2021
An alternate spelling to Jed. More commonly used as a nickname (as an abbreviation of a longer name).
Nobody messes with Jedd.
by John McManiac July 15, 2006
Jedd is a very funny guy but can also be intelligent. He’s the kind of guy that might have a inside joke with you. Sometimes he might seem mean but he’s really just joking around. They can dance okay and have lots of friends usually. They treat the girlfriends or special women in their life very well. Easy to get along with and can be obnoxious at times but you have to love it. If you ever come across a Jedd in your life don’t lose him. I forgot one more thing Jedd is very attractive 🥵
Holly:WOW there goes Jedd he has class

Morgan: so cute and smart that’s my kind of guy
by Rcdrxrdxrdxtrexy November 28, 2021
short for jedd parikh, he kows how to pleasure his mother.
you jedd, was your mum any good las nite?
by KRIS :P July 12, 2004
the act of cutting ones jedd off
dude i cut my jedd off
by tom croke February 5, 2003
some faggot who is racist homophobic and sexist he will fuck you over at any chance he gets
jedd, the racist
by mr mommy milkers August 30, 2022
A trashy looking random patch of hair above one's upper lip that is a combination of hair and yeast infection.
by D-Reezy and burgo January 4, 2009